Cal Poly Partner Program: CEA Paris, France

Cal Poly Partner Programs such as CEA provide students with options to select from a wide variety of destinations and lengths of time abroad.

Set yourself apart from the competition by taking engineering courses abroad. Paris is an ideal destination for engineering majors, a city where many scientists and mathematicians have made significant contributions to the field.

You’ll experience Paris as a learning lab through site visits and lectures which complement your classroom curriculum. Additional elective courses focus on aspects of French culture and may fulfill a humanities or social science requirement. While French language skills are not required for the program, you’ll likely acquire basic French and use it to navigate this historic city.

Welcome to Paris, France

Make the City of Light your classroom when you study abroad in Paris. France’s capital city has long been a center of intellectual thought, politics, art, and social change, where diversity and modernity thrive alongside centuries of rich history. Home to high fashion, world-renowned cuisine, and some of the world’s best museums and galleries, Paris draws thinkers, artists, writers…and thousands of students from around the world.

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This program is open to students in all majors.


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Not actively on academic probation
  • Good disciplinary standing
  • Foreign Language Proficiency: All levels
  • Verify that you meet any course pre-requisites

How to Apply

First, attend a Study Abroad 101 Workshop and complete the Advising Module. Then, click the 'Apply Now' button to apply for this program.

The application process consists of:

  • Completing the Cal Poly Abroad Application
  • Completing the Partner Program Application
The deadline to apply for the fall and spring semester is April 11, 2019 Back to top


Students take one to three Engineering courses, one core culture course and zero to three culturally-focused elective courses. Course availability and requirements varies by term. All non-French language courses are taught in English.

You will earn Cal Poly credit on this program.

You are highly encouraged to get your Major, Minor and GE courses pre-approved prior to applying to this program.

Major Courses

Provide the course descriptions to your Academic Advising Center/Faculty Advisor to determine the course equivalencies and how credits will transfer back. You are highly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor/faculty advisor to complete any necessary paperwork prior to applying/departure.

Minor Courses

Consult with the Minor Department to discuss the best way to seek course pre-approvals.

Credit Transfer of GE Courses

Pick up the GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad form at the Cal Poly International Center (Building 52- Room E32). Please provide the course descriptions of the GE courses you wish to have approved when submitting the form. Allow four to six weeks to hear back about substitution approvals. You will hear back about your GE petitions with an email notification from

Review potential Pre-Approved General Education and Language course lists.

Review the available course offerings on this program (click on the session of the program you are interested in, and click on the “Courses” tab).

Engineering majors will be able to take two engineering courses, as well as two general education courses on this program. Please refer to the following charts to see the Cal Poly course equivlances.

Pre-Approved Major Course Equivlancies

Cal Poly CEA Paris Site
ME 211(3) ENGR380CDG Statics (4.5)
MATH 241(4) MATH245CDG Calculus III (6)

Pre-Approved GE Course Equivlancies

Cal Poly CEA Paris Site
French Language (any level) GE C1 or C2
Art History (upper division) GE C4
Haute Couture (upper division) GE C4