Cal Poly International Exchange: University of Milan (Human Resources and Management)

Cal Poly International Exchange Programs offer students opportunities to study their academic disciplines at partner universities for up to one year.

The University of Milan offers opportunities for students in the College of Business Management and Human Resources concentrations to study courses in their concentration for a quarter.

Welcome to Milan, Italy

Living and studying in Milan offers broad exposure to an international business community and opens up an array of opportunities thanks to the city's rich entrepreneurial network and the wide variety of sectors present in the territory. Home to 400 banks and major industrial companies, Milan is often described as the “locomotive of Italy”; it is at the heart of a manufacturing system that generates 21% of Italy’s GDP and its strong economic base has made it one of Italy’s most influential cities.

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This program is open to students in the College of Business Human Resources and Management Concentrations.


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Not actively on academic probation
  • Good disciplinary standing

How to Apply

First, attend a Study Abroad 101 Workshop and complete the Advising Module. Then, click the 'Apply Now' button to apply for this program.

The Cal Poly application will ask you to submit the following supplemental materials:

  • Letter of Recommendation from a Cal Poly faculty member
  • Personal Statement
  • Official Transcript
  • Copy of your Passport

The advisors for this program will review all applications after the application date has passed. Students will then be contacted to participate in an in-person group interview. Upon completion of the interview and full application review, students will be notified if they have been approved by Cal Poly to participate in the University of Milan exchange program.

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2019. Students will be notified of their application status by March 15, 2019.

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On exchange at the University of Milan, students are able to take courses in Management and Human Resources. You will earn transfer credit on this program.

Students are highly encouraged to get their Major, Minor and GE courses pre-approved prior to applying to the Exchange program.

Major Courses

Provide the course descriptions to your Academic Advising Center/Faculty Contact to determine the course equivalencies and how credits will transfer back. Students are highly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor/faculty advisor to complete any necessary paperwork prior to applying/departure.

Minor Courses

Consult with the Minor Department to discuss the best way to seek course pre-approvals.

To review the available course offerings on this program, visit

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